Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I am positif thinker.. =)

I like what I see in the mirror
When people say I look good, I thank them
I always remember the good things that happened to me
I complete with my self rather than with others
I like to learn as much as I can
When I make a mistake, I learn from it and hopefully never repeat it
I am proud of my achievements
I give my self a treat whenever I achieve a little successes
I will enjoy my life to fullest be have like a winner,
work like a winner and
I will be a winner. 

see you in next entry!


bahiyah.nur said...

bagus2... be optimistic....

faz, tu la..dulu tak kenai rapat2 dengan dak dsk4a jgk...kenal rapat ngan separuh kls ja taw...
hehe...nak jadi student poli lagi...rinnduu

FazzYnameDcHuiB said...

hahahahaha. lama tak pakai baju koperat al keparat. dulu tak suka. skrang rindu seh!

CikMiMiey said...

yeahhh ... olways think positive right ?

btw , CM pon nak wish all da besh to you dear (^^,)

be happy , moge success sokmo deh !

FazzYnameDcHuiB said...

thanks!! (^__^)


aMira~ said...

animmm!! bole tak jgn sebut sal hidung tu!aku maluuuu laa..wawawawa.haha

FazzYnameDcHuiB said...

suka-suka-suka. menggamit nostalgia lama. uik. pic kau tutup idung eh? hahahha